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Courses Available

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This course offers an intensive 4-day program that is geared towards "Real World" site activities for investigation and remediation. Classroom instruction includes lectures, demonstrations, and interactive group workshops. Hands-on exercises will be used throughout the course to develop participants' skills and provide experience. Students will simulate a hazardous materials/waste clean-up drill--researching materials involved, establishing control zones, evaluating with test instruments, practicing decontamination methods and reviewing the incident. Optional exercises include a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus equipment check-out and an optional fit-testing for those supplying a respirator with the appropriate cartridges.


This 3-day course will address the issues of health and safety as outlined in the OSHA Standards for occasional workers and visitors having "no potential for exposure to site hazards" above the PEL. Topics include the fundamentals of those previously mentioned in the 40-hour course description, with the exception of some workshops and exercises due to the certification limitations.

Annual HAZWOPER Refresher:

This annual course is required within one year of the initial or last Refresher course completion to maintain compliance as outlined in 29 CFR 1910.120 (e) and (q). In addition to reviewing key topics from the HAZWOPER courses, this course strongly emphasizes new developments and information. Exercises now include case studies. Additionally, a fit-test is available for those students supplying a respirator with appropriate cartridges.

Managment/Supervisor Course:

As mandated by 29 CFR 1910.120(e)(4) , on-site managers and supervisors directly responsible for, or who supervise employees engaged in, hazardous waste operations shall receive specialized training prior to performing activities as an on-site supervisor. This course emphasizes health and safety planning and coordination, site management, and regulatory compliance issues. Other topics include: risk communication, employee training, personal protective equipment programs, job site surveillance, respiratory protection programs, medical surveillance programs, emergency response programs, record-keeping and liability issues. Prerequisite: 40-hour course completion is required prior to course attendance.

Department Of Transportation Hazmat Handler/Manifest:

This course is designed specifically for anyone responsible for the safe transportation of hazardous materials and its loading, packaging, marking, labeling and completion of shipping papers in accordance with the requirements of HM-181, HM126F and related DOT regulations. This course will also cover the safe transportation of hazardous wastes (i.e., generators, shippers, etc.) and its packaging, marking, manifesting in accordance with the requirements of the US Department of Transportation; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); and Cal EPA.

Emergency Response: First Responder Awareness Level (FRA):

This course is designed for individuals who are likely to witness or discover a hazardous substance release and who have been trained to initiate an emergency response sequence by notifying the proper authorities of the release. They would take no further action beyond notifying the proper authorities of the release.

Emergency Response: First Responder Operations Level (FRO):

This course is designed for Plant Operations Staff and other personnel who respond to unplanned accidents or spills. Participants will learn how to respond "defensively" containing releases from a distance, prevent spreading, and exposures. The course addresses recognition and evaluation of environmental and occupational hazards associated with an emergency response, and how to properly protect themselves. Topics include: basic hazard and risk assessment, NFPA/DOT identification systems, instrument use, toxicology, personal protective equipment selection and use, respiratory protection, self-contained breathing apparatus, basic site control, containment, and confinement operations, emergency planning, and decontamination.

Confined Space Entry:

The Permit-Required Confined Space Course is designed to meet the training requirements of general industry employees working in confined spaces. Participants will learn about the specific requirements of the OSHA/Cal-OSHA standards including: identification of confined spaces, entry permits, written permit space programs, and the active roles of confined space workers. Entrants, attendants, entry supervisors, and rescue and emergency service personnel roles and responsibilities are also covered. Specific confined space topics include atmospheric hazards and engulfment hazards - to physical hazards including, pipelines and electrical hazards among others. Specific requirements of Permit-Required Confined Spaces and Non-Permit Required Confined Spaces will be covered in the scope of training. Participants are provided with the course manuals, handouts, the DOT North American Emergency Response Guidebook and use of the NIOSH Chemical Pocket Guidebook.

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